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The timing belt tensioner is a main screech of the engine that is accountable for transferring the crankshaft and camshafts. When it doesn’t work properly, it might well actually per chance well well end result in serious engine hurt.

A broken timing belt tensioner can trigger slightly just a few complications to your car. This might occasionally per chance well well also merely trigger your car to be extra difficult to birth, creep tough, and even stall out fully. Need to you’re fortunate ample to rep it mounted earlier than it causes serious hurt, then you’ll correct maintain a mountainous restore bill to your fingers.

This article will enable you to fix your broken timing belt tensioner with out having to pay a mechanic or procure a brand new one!

What is a Timing Belt Tensioner

A timing belt tensioner is a tool that permits the timing belt to be tensioned and held in location with out the spend of a belt tensioner pulley.

Timing belts are old on within combustion engines, in particular these with overhead camshafts. When the engine is started, the camshafts rotate and procure with the crankshaft. The timing belt retains them from rotating too rapidly or too gradual, to allow them to synchronize properly and enable for vitality to be transferred from one to any other as wished.

Bad Timing Belt Tensioner

Torque to spec

The tensioning tool contains two pulleys on both aspect of the timing belt. One is attached to the crankshaft (or some diverse fragment) and linked by a series or rope to an idler pulley that is mounted on one aspect of the engine.

Signs of a Injurious Timing Belt Tensioner?

The timing belt tensioner is a fragment of the timing belt blueprint that helps to preserve the stress on the timing belt. It is a plastic equipment and pulley blueprint that makes spend of spring torsion to generate power.

Signs of a depraved tensioner embody:

  • The engine won’t birth or will seemingly be annoying to birth.
  • The engine will stall within the course of acceleration or lazy.
  • There might well well well be crude noise from the engine.

Signs of an over Tightened Timing Belt

The symptoms of an over tightened timing belt are on the total a grinding noise, a squeal, or the auto not starting. It is some distance main to know the indicators of an over tightened timing belt due to it might well actually per chance well well end result in serious engine hurt.

An over tightened timing belt can trigger the following:

  • A grinding noise
  • A squeal
  • The automobile not starting

How to Diagnose Concerns Timing Belt Tensioner

The timing belt tensioner is a tool that is old to govern the stress of the timing belt. It is some distance attached to the crankshaft pulley, which it turns. When the engine is running, this tool ensures that the timing belt doesn’t wander by pulling on it.

Basically the most traditional symptom of a inferior tensioner is that if you hear a rattling noise coming out of your engine compartment. The noise might well well well also merely also be erroneous for an use leak or a free trek to your car’s use blueprint, but it completely’s if truth be told coming out of your timing belt tensioner.

There are two standard causes of why your timing belt tensioner might well well well also merely maintain failed:

  • Your car has been in an accident and sustained hurt to at least one or extra parts;
  • You might well well well also merely maintain pushed too many miles with out changing your oil in time.

Most provocative Ways to Fix Your Injurious Timing Belt Tensioners?

All americans is conscious of that the timing belt tensioners are the top possible fragment of your car. They preserve your engine running with out problems and efficiently. And in snort that they furthermore be obvious that that you don’t maintain to anxiousness about any complications with your engine.

Nevertheless what happens when the timing belt tensioners are inferior? You will must fix them ethical away, otherwise, you maintain a significant screech to your fingers.

Need to you’re wondering how to fix these tensioners, then here are many ways that can per chance well well also merely give you the results you want:

  1. Replace them with a brand new situation.
  2. Exercise a lubricant.
  3. Exercise a particular form of belt.
  4. Replace the tensioner pulley with one made from steel.
  5. Replace the seal on the pulley or quilt it with an acceptable enviornment matter.

Can low oil trigger timing chain to spoil?

The timing chain is a lengthy, thin steel chain that connects the crankshaft to the camshaft. It contains a series of gears and tensioners that management the timing of when valves launch and shut. The timing chain is accountable for opening and shutting valves at the correct time, which in turn controls the engine’s vitality.

When a car’s engine is chilly, it takes a whereas for it to heat up ample for the timing chain to stretch out and originate working wisely. Need to you force your car ethical after it has been sitting for a whereas or if you force your car at low oil levels, this can trigger premature wear to your timing chain.


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Will thicker oil discontinuance timing chain noise?

Noise from timing chains is a normal enviornment with many vehicles. The noise is precipitated by the chain getting caught on the sprocket and rubbing in opposition to it.

Thick oil might well well well assist to cleave this noise by slowing down the spin of the chain and reducing friction. The thickness of oil might well well well also merely also be modified in snort to cleave or save away with timing chain noise.


A tensioner is a tool that is old to govern the stress on a belt force. It is some distance customarily repeat in an engine, transmission, or diverse rotating machine. The tensioner is what controls the amount of power that the belt exerts on the pulley.

The following are some guidelines on how to forestall and fix depraved timing belt tensioners.

Comprise decided your timing belt and tensioner are in correct working bellow earlier than you birth using your car. Need to you maintain gotten gotten any doubts about this, uncover your car to a mechanic for inspection earlier than you are making an try the leisure.

In case your timing belt and tensioner are not functioning properly, it might well actually per chance well well be time for replace!

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